Style It Like A Sailor With A Striped Scarf

A striped scarf has really taken people to notice and experiment more with the way they dress. Sometimes, going all plain and simple gets old and boring. A lot of people look for new and interesting things to do with their everyday outfits. Of course, not all of us are born with unlimited access to platinum credit cards so the rest of us just need to learn how to be resourceful amid this recession-laden fashion world and to just know how to accessorize better. Stripe Atlas review

Against your really plain tee, these striped scarves can really make a huge difference. Going for a striped scarf is actually being on the safe side because you can choose from so many kinds of patterns available in the market right now. However, it is quite understandable that some of us might not be very comfortable to go from basic plain colored scarves to more daring designs such as a striped scarf. This is also fashion appropriate for men who might not be fond of the idea of wearing heavily patterned scarves.

What is really interesting about this striped scarf is it is actually the perfect accessory to complete a sailor themed look. Naturally, it is the blue and white stripes that instantly give off that look. You can either go with narrow stripes or go bold and big with wide-striped scarves. You can pair this off with just a plain white tee and shredded shorts or whatever floats your boat, really (no pun intended).

The holiday season also brings a massive number of people wearing these striped scarves. The red and white or green and white combinations are very popular during this season. One might remember their childhood while they enjoy those hard candy canes of the same colors. Just remember that while wearing a striped scarf of these two colors, do not over complicate your look further by wearing polka dots or other holiday themes designs and patterns. Just stick to either of the two and keep the rest of your clothes simple.

These striped scarves are also a favorite of punk dressers. Their color of choice is the black and white combination. Considered as the universal choice, it can fit perfectly to any look or personal style. Aside from going for a hardcore look, you can wear this to look more proper in occasions where it requires you to dress in a more formal style. As the case may be, this black and white striped scarf is appropriate for both men and women.

Other styles include the rainbow striped scarf which probably only the more girly population favors. The very many colors all rolled into one can be a perfect winter accessory. When you wear this, for sure, there would not be anymore a dull feeling or the gloominess that this season usually brings. In fact, it all looks really exciting! Furthermore, you do not even have to bother with other accessories like jewelry because having on a bright and rainbow striped scarf can absolutely brighten up your whole look.