How Surrendering in Silence Gives You a Good Night’s Sleep

If you could manage to get a restful night’s sleep, would you? If we could learn how to simply rest in the silence beyond thinking, we would find a restful night is easy to have. This is what most people call clearing their mind, but the question is, ‘how do you focus on clearing your mind?’ Or, how do you focus on not thinking? It is impossible to focus on not doing something. You have to focus on literally performing an act. So, the act you have to focus on to stop thinking is breathing into silence. This silence exists beyond your thoughts and your awareness travels in your breath. So, what you have to do is to breathe into the silence beyond your thoughts.

The main problem is that we are so interested in our thoughts that we would rather focus on them instead of going to sleep. This problem exists because of old thinking habits. These thinking habits happen to us constantly, but it isn’t until you want to check out and go to sleep; that is when you realize they cause a problem. good night image

Now, let’s think about that for a moment. These problems are caused by thoughts in your mind. If they only hurt when you focus on them, what do you have to do to stop focusing on them when you can’t go to sleep? The key to a restful night’s sleep exists in your ability to control where your awareness lands. Becoming aware of a thought is when your awareness lands on it. Having your awareness go beyond the thought is a way of activating The Wisdom of Your Body. In fact, if you can control your awareness, you can stop being aware of the distractions created by your mind. By doing that, you will be able to fall asleep more easily.

If you think of surrender as where your awareness lands, where do you have to focus to get a good night’s sleep? If you surrender and have your awareness land in the silence beyond your thoughts, you will activate The Wisdom of the Body. If your focus is just on thinking, you are surrendering to the creations of your mind, which is not always the best focus for sleep.

There are three qualities needed to find that surrender in silence, so you can fall asleep:

  • Sleep is like being hugged; it is an embrace that you fall into. It is easier to surrender in silence when you love the one you hug; in the same way, it is easier to fall asleep when you love what you are falling into. Having a positive self-image is like loving the one you embrace as you fall asleep. If you have a hard time sleeping; don’t focus on thinking…connect to the love within.
  • Sleep requires a “letting go” that releases you from your thinking mind. When you trust yourself, it is easy to let go to a loving contact-yourself. Trust is an amazing quality because with trust you let go of the past and embrace the moment. It unlocks the entrance to your powerful sub-conscious mind. This is where your healing powers are stored and where you have a beautiful inner connection. It is the part of you that loves life, even if you are facing difficult times. This is your most spiritual part and when you need to heal, it is your best friend.
  • Your breath is one of your most powerful tools for sleep. A conscious breath can help you sleep. We give life to what we breathe into. If you breathe into fears and worry, they become alive and create tension and keep you awake. If you learn how to breathe into silence, you give life to the Wisdom of your Body. Most people breathe into thinking and by doing that they ignore their inner wisdom, but that wisdom is at the essence of a restful night’s sleep.

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